Malcolm's Online System Builder Seminar

Hi "Earlier Adopter"

You visited this page because your interested in getting my Online Seminar content as it becomes available over the next couple of weeks.

You read my email and know that I am going to be recording the content as quickly as I can and making it available in a Private Facebook group (And a special page in case you don't like facebook).

The content will include:

- At least 6 hrs of video (Probably a lot more).
It will cover everything I possibly can about system building.
Coming up with an idea.
Types of different systems.
How to do the research.
How to check your system.
Using tools like PR Ratings, SPB System Builder.

- At least 3 webinars spaced over 3 weeks (after most of the videos are recorded) to give everyone a chance to get on at least one of them.
(They will also get recorded and added to the seminar archives)

Here is what I have added so far...

  • Video 1. Hello 
  • Video 2. Introduction
  • Video 3. Tools
  • Video 4. Angle
  • Video 5. Basics
  • Video 6. Filters
  • Video 7. System Builder 1 
  • Video 8. Cheltenham
  • Video 9. Ratings
  • Video 10. Lay System
  • Video 11. Find a Loser
  • Video 12. Trading 1
  • Video 13. Trading 2
  • Video 14. trading 3
  • Video 15. Question 1
  • Video 16. Dutching (How to find maiden races to dutch quickly)
  • Plus 2 bonuses.
  • 27 horse racing systems
  • My original lay betting system

If this all appeals to you and you are willing to have a bit of patience with me while I put it altogether then I am willing to reward you by giving you a really good "Early Adopter" price.

My plan is to charge at least £100 (if not more) for this course when it is finished...I think it will be more than worth it.

But if you take me up on the "Early Adopter" offer today then you can get in for just...

£100 £47

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Malcom's Online Seminar

ok so if you want to use PayPal...
Log into your account and send £47 to with the title "Online seminar payment".

Just so you know I am going to start testing pricing from today which will work in to ways...

1. After so many sign't up's I will raise the price.
2. After more content is added.

So today it is £47 but tomorrow it could be £57 or £67.

Until eventually I get to £100 or more.

But please remember "Early Adopter" means I will be emailing you as i get each part of the seminar put in you need to be patient with me.

But you can email me at anytime:

I hope to see you on the other side...

Until Next Time


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