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Yeah I know you have been here before…

Another system that’s supposed to do this that and the other…

Promises to give lots of profit.

And will help you buy a car, get a new home, holiday abroad and all that crap that is normally put about.

I know I have fallen for it all before…”Been there done that as they say”…

Had all the broken promises, lost loads of money and got nothing to show for it!

Nothing, Nout, “Diddly Squat”

I have believed all the crafted sales talk just like you.

Watched the videos, believed the results and expected big returns.

So here we are again…another sales page more videos and lots of results!

What’s different?

Good question…

My names Malcolm and I created this system.

That’s what I do…I use statistical analysis to come up with racing systems.

In fact I create them so regularly I call them my “Weekly system trials”.

1000’s watch my daily emails to see when I am going to launch a new one. 

You can join in here:

So here is how it works.

I create a new system I tell my list about it and then we sit back and watch.

We watch the system for sometimes 30 days, sometimes 60 days and even several months depending on what happens.

Now…If it is successful it gets added to the GHBot members.

They are my main customers and I look after them.

But every so often we let 35 non-members get the chance to follow the selections for a year.

We only do this for well tested systems that have continued to show a profit even when they finished “Open Testing”.

“Trainers based on strike rate” started open testing on the 16/09/2015 and closed as we began 2016.

We are 4 months in and the system is still making money.

And that’s what is different…

It’s been open tested.

It’s shown to make money month after month

And it’s still making money…even this month.

Here is the rest of the info…

Trainers Based on Strike Rate is a "Place" based system that you can run all year round.

The profit from this system is based around Betfair's  Place Market.

It works like this...

Depending on the number of runners in the race depends on the place payout.

7 runners or under pays out if your horse comes 1st or 2nd.

8 runners or more pays out if your horse comes 1st or 2nd or 3rd.

Handicap races with 14 runners or more pays out if your horse comes 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th

This means you are not just trying to get 1st place.

Also there is one other great thing about using the place market on Betfair.

if a race starts off with say 9 runners, but there are then say 2 non runners (runners pulled from the race)...

...Although the race now has only 7 runners...Betfair will still pay you if your horse comes in the top 3 places.

So your chances of winning could become even higher!

NO THIS IS NOT - A "get rich quick scheme".

Over the last 14 months there has been a solid average profit of 8.48 points per month.

Since I first introduced the system last September it had made 96.91 points up to the end of March.

13.84 points on average per month.

Whats 1 point?

That's what ever your stake could be.

So at £10 a bet 13.84 would be £138.40 profit per month.

At £50 that would be £692 profit per month.

And at £100 £1384 profit per month.

So if we take that 96.91 points it looks like this...

At £10 a bet 13.84 would be £960.90 profit

At £50 that would be £4845.50 profit

And at £100 £9691 profit!

(Remember all our figures are based on Betfair Starting Prices and taking off 5% commission)

Here is the thing...

This system is part of my "Weekly Systems"  portfolio.

We "open test" different systems for months (This one was nearly 4 months).

In that time the daily selections are available to anyone who visits this site.

Once an open test is complete we then close off the daily selections and add them to the GHBot members area .(We continue to show the results sheet you can see here but it the same as the one at the top of this page.)

But we have also found that some people (maybe like yourself) just want the selections.

So every so often we make the system selections available to non-GHbot members.

Normally we charge £97 for a full years tips but because this is a place system with fewer points than normal. We decided to drop the price.

And add this bonus...

No fuss software

We deliver the selections daily through this unique software which automatically pings your task bar when the tips are ready.

We also give you a unique URL where you can also grab them daily.

And we include a GHBot link to use with any of our bots that allow linking.

It's real easy to get the selections one way or the other.

NEW! Just added daily email sending as well.
"Now you can get the tips straight to your inbox"

But remember we always limit sales to just 35 copies.

Once all 35 copies have gone then the offer closes...

And the Buy Now Button disappears.

£97 Just £47
(Click the add to cart button below)

NOTE: This is a "No Refund" purchase. It comes with no guarantees that the system will continue to perform as it has in the past. You are paying £47 for the daily tips links, software and selections for 365 days.

Paypal: We don't actively use paypal anymore. But if you wish to use it then login to your paypal account and go to "Send Money". Send £47 to sales@bluebelldata.co.uk

OR...Get your selections automatically daily with the amazing Betfair Betting software and our automated "Easy to Use"  link system.

The "Auto Bot" software makes life easy. Just set and forget and everyday if there are any selections they will automatically be downloaded into the software.

£197 Just £87 
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NOTE: This is a "No Refund" purchase. It comes with no guarantees that the system will continue to perform as it has in the past. You are paying £87 for the daily tips links, software and selections for 365 days.

Paypal: We don't actively use paypal anymore. But if you wish to use it then login to your paypal account and go to "Send Money". Send £87 to sales@bluebelldata.co.uk

(software works on all Windows (tm) systems and needs a connection to the internet while running.

Q. How can I trust your results?

A. All our systems are automated. Once we create a system the selections are generated from a special link that pulls out the results based on the information in that link.

If we change the selection criteria then the results will change and you will know we have done something.

Also the daily selections are created using the same information so we can not change the selections. Everything is auto generated to protect you and us.

Q. Why don't you deliver selections by email.

Yep I put a system in place to deliver the tips to you every day. 

Q. What guarantees can you give.

A. None! I want to be straight with you. When it comes to gambling there are no guarantees. 

All I can do is show you what happened in the past and what is happening now.

If you don't like the look of anything on this page then please do not purchase.

Come back in a few days and see what is happening.

I know I have restricted the numbers. But that doesn't mean they will sell out today tomorrow or next week.

But when they do the buttons disappear.

Q. Why do you restrict the numbers?

A. Two reasons...

1... I really do believe that anyone using a system influences the price. Yes strike rate matters but so does Average Winning Odds and it can hurt more than strike rate.

2... You can see we test these systems ourselves and so we want to make money using them as well. 

We have just found in the past that too many people using these systems tend to make them unprofitable.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

But also ask yourself this…

How many sites give you totally up-to-date results? (Now 7 days a week)

How many sites show you the proper BSP prices and minus Betfairs commission?

How many sites base their systems on proper research and show you the full set of results covering 24 months?

 Not many…

 But we do…we can not hide. So click here to order with confidence

Important information:

The selections are available 7 days a week when there are selections that meet this specific criteria.

The results I have shown are based on following the selections when they are available.

Selections will be available by 10 am each morning (normally much earlier) it all depends on when the mornings data is finalized but we try to get this finished by 8am but it doesn't always work out that way.

Note that Weekends may be a bit later.

After purchase you will be taken to a page where you will be able to download the software and manuals.

Please note the following before you decide to purchase.

This is a “no” refund offer. If you commit to purchase then please do not ask for a refund. We are offering the selections daily (when they are available) through software. We are not making any guarantees to the number of selections, the profit or that the selections will continue to perform as they have so far.

The software has been tested fully on MS windows – xp, 7,8 and 10.

The software won't work on a Mac but you can still use the daily tips link to get the selections.

This offer is for a one year's license on one computer only. 

These are “back” selections. 

If you are unsure in anyway, about these selections or if the system is for you, then please do not purchase.

Contact us instead and we will gladly answer any questions you have about the system, software or selections.

Thank you as always for reading I really do appreciate it.


You can contact us using the following methods:
Email: help@racing-selections.co.uk
Help System: http://bluebelldata.co.uk/help/

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