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Cash Out Trading Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

"I really do think that it should be renamed The Crystal Ball Trading Software..."

When you are trying to trade...One of the most difficult things to do is pick a runner to trade on.

Over the last couple of years I have created a couple of different pieces of software to help with trading.

One of the most popular is the Dob Software which was specifically created to look for runners that run well in-play.

It was while using this software I realised I was using some stats more than find profitable trades..

...But I felt for "Cash Out" traders it would need to highlight possible trades more easily.

Trade Targeting Software screen 1

See how I used the above info to find a trade.

I also wanted to create a slightly different interface that concentrated on one thing...

...Finding potential trades as quickly as possible.

This led me to create the "Trade Targeting Software"

16 out 17 Successful trades

This software colour codes the market based on several statistical insights...

3 Trades on 1 green runner video.

...And gives you further information to back up what you have found.

This makes it easy to target potential "Cash Out" trades quickly and easily.

"Software is amazing, really sorts out the good trades, loving it Malcolm"

You can see from the video's I have been sharing with you lately that the "Trade Targeting Software" just makes it so easy!

You will get the full software and the videos (25 already!) plus any updates or new videos.

Plus you will also get:

Bonus 1. My 10 useful tips for trading

 10 useful tips for trading These 10 tips will get you ready for trading and help you become a competent trader.

Each tip is based around my own experiences of trading over the last few years.

The tips have been designed to keep you focused on trading and how to handle different situations.

It's a great companion for any trader.

Bonus 2. The 92 Trades growth plan and spreadsheet.
92 Day Trade Plan
Watch the (almost) daily videos show how I use this method to grow my own stakes from a small £2 upwards.

Bonus 3

5 Trade types you can use with the Trade Targeting Software.

5 Trade Idea

1. RP Favourite. Shows you how you can use the RP Favourite to trade before the off. Including the best type of trade.

2. In-Play Green. One of my personal in-play favourite trades. The TTS greens are amazing when it comes to in-play trades.

3. Dan's Trading Method. See how one of the TTS members uses to the software to find his trades. His unique use of the software ensure a very high success rate.

4. Tipped by 10 or more. This trade works based on the number of tipsters who have tipped the horse to win. See how on some occasions you can use this information along with the TTS selection to trade before the off.

5. The Mix & Match Trade. Sometimes things are not always what they seem. This trade shows you how to take advantage of it.

New! Bonus 4 The "Grhobit" in-play 50% Trading method.

The Green Rated runner has even shown it can be profitable as a backed runner!

green rated April 2018 profit

It helps to know that around 17% of green selections win anyway.

Now I haven't totally decided how much to charge for the new software but I think it will pay for itself so quickly it has to be worth £97 for a 3-month license...

Another 14 Out 14 Successful trades

...But as a limited introductory offer, you can get your hands on a copy for...

 Just £57.00

Trade Targeting Software

Just £57  
when you purchase today (3 months use).

By ticking this checkbox you agree with the following statement:
I understand this is a gambling method that comes with no guarantees it will work for me. Because of this I also understand that it is a "Non-Refundable" purchase and that I paying for you to give me the daily ratings with no guarantees I can get similar results to those shown in information and results provided. You also agree to the T & C.

PayPal we don't actively support PayPal but if you wish to use this method then log in to your PayPal account and then select send money. Send £57.00 it to and add the message "Payment for TTS".

This offer is for the first 10 then it goes up to £97.00 which I think it is easily worth.

"My totals for the past 4 days have been a massive 95.55% (43/45) successful trades. £60.04 Total profits (which has paid for my 1st subscription of TTS)"


Q. What computers does the software work on?

A. The software is browser-based (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox etc...) so works on any computer connected to the internet.

Q. Why do I need the software?

A. If you are serious about trading then you need to research the runners you are going to trade on.

The Trade Targeting software shows quickly which runners you should consider concentrating on.

If you are struggling to find selections that are good to trade on then the Trade Targeting Software is the tool you need.

Q. Will I automatically be charged after 3 months?

A. No. This is a one off payment. You will get chance to rejoin at the same price after 90 days.

Until Next Time



Malcolm the "Cash Out" guy

If you have any questions then please let me know.

If you have any questions then please let me know.

Until Next Time.

The "Cash Out" Guy!

P.S. Don't forget it is limited! 

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